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At Hastings Manufacturing, we’ve mastered the engineering and craftsmanship of piston rings. And while others are focused on doing it all, we put our all into one thing. We don’t manufacture other engine components for a reason—it would only take our attention away from what we do best.

Decade after decade, we’ve refined and advanced piston ring, compression ring, and vented oil ring design to enhance engine performance, efficiency, and economy. The result is 25,000 SKUs, each made with the highest tolerances and highest quality materials in the industry.

We’ve been making piston rings for a long time. In turn, they’ve made us who we are today. Though times have changed, our original goal remains the same—to make the best, most-trusted piston rings on earth.

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Questions regarding our products?

When you do something for a century, you learn a lot in the process—including the information customers need to know. Check out our Tough Guy Tech Tips to find the answers to your questions.

About Hastings Manufacturing

Service You Can Count On.

Being focused on piston rings alone helps us understand our product better—and it also helps us understand our customers better. Our engineers can recommend one of the over 15,000 existing ring designs currently manufactured, or collaborate with you to design a unique product for the desired application. We also offer superior tech support, attentive customer service, and online ordering, all backed by an award-winning inventory management system that ensures timely and reliable delivery across the globe.

A Bold and Broad Offering.

How do we offer such a broad line of rings? It starts with our design strengths, factory equipment, manufacturing processes, and quality control—what you’ll get is an offering, and experience, that can’t be beat. If you need a set of rings, no matter the style or coating, odds are we have it.

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