At Hastings, we are not only concerned with the manufacturing of piston rings, we are just as dedicated to how we can make them better. Our non-stop desire for innovation and improvement has resulted in products and process technologies that have caused many to ask, “What’s that?” Meanwhile, we are already asking, “What’s next?” Over time, our achievements have led to significant improvements in engine efficiency, emissions, and longevity.

Quality Assurance

As a TS-16949 and ISO-14001 registered company, Hastings has integrated quality assurance systems into all of our processes, such as SPC, mistake proofing, and automated in-process inspection. This includes the latest vision and laser technology to ensure our products always meet customer specifications.


Hastings products are manufactured to the highest caliber utilizing both Hastings proprietary equipment and industry standard equipment. Hastings thrives in an environment of continuous improvement and is constantly endeavors to have the latest technology in both quality and manufacturing capabilities. Hastings products are manufactured using our proprietary equipment together with other specialty equipment such as:

  • Sundstrand splitters
  • Besley and Nissei grinders
  • SIM, Dimaco, and B&K cam turn bore and gap milling machines
  • SIM and Dimaco size grind machines
  • Specialized CNC turn centers
  • Plasma Molybdenum application technology


To promote real-world reliability, Hastings is committed to state-of-the-art testing, simulation, and analysis. 3D solid modeling ensures accurate and timely product and tooling design, and for advanced engine testing and simulation, Hastings has partnered with industry-leading firms to offer comprehensive solutions while maintaining competitive prices.