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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore many of our customers’ most commonly asked questions, about Hastings Piston Rings. If you’re not able to find what you’re looking for, please contact us.
No – only the top ring in the set is Moly filled.
File fit sets are available in the performance racing rings only.
Yes, the TecDoc cd can be used offline. It is updated quarterly.
ID bevel rings should have a dot to indicate the top of ring. Positive twist rings ID bevel up, whereas negative twist rings ID bevel down so be sure to check for the dot.


More than 1.3 million engine enthusiasts use TecDoc.
The ring set for the engine is manufactured to fit the OE engine application, so you do not need to know the radial wall.

A Hastings oil rings are manufactured to fit the OEM requirements, meaning if the original ring set had lower tension the Hastings set will also have lower tension. With performance ring sets and motors the tension is listed in the performance catalog.

If the ring set was selected based on the year, make and engine model, the correct rings will be in the set if shallow oil rings are needed for that engine.
Moly will have a shiny grey OD; chrome will have a shiny silver OD and the cast ring will be black in color on all surfaces.
The oversize is stated on the set label of the ring set – check the ring end gap in your bore to verify correct gap to bore.
There are over 560 aftermarket brands with more than 136 million linkages of part numbers to vehicle applications.

Coatings on the rings are either moly filled or chrome plated. You can look at the side of your box to see the abbreviation as well. The set number indicates:

2C = Chrome

2M = Moly

No prefix = Cast

Chrome rings are “pre-seated” before leaving the factory. Proper finish of the cylinder wall for Chrome rings (220-280 Grit stone) will ensure a better and faster seating of the rings.
2nd ring has a DOT on the top and an inside bevel on the bottom – install DOT towards top of piston, check top ring for inside bevel, bevel install up, if no inside bevel, install either way in top groove.
If the rings have a shiny grey O.D. indicating it is a Moly filled top ring.
Yes, it is available in 28 languages.
If the engine is metric, the ring set is fitted for the metric bore and groove widths; the label on the set box is SAE.
Advise customer standard SAE spec for Aftermarket – most customers are reading the manual for the OE rings and assume that is the spec.