Most Popular FAQs

No – only the top ring in the set is Moly filled.

File fit sets are available in the performance racing rings only

Yes, the TecDoc cd can be used offline. It is updated quarterly

ID bevel rings should have a dot to indicate the top of ring. Positive twist rings ID bevel up, whereas negative twist rings ID bevel down so be sure to check for the dot.

The ring set for the engine is manufactured to fit the OE engine application, so you do not need to know the radial wall.

More than 1.3 million engine enthusiasts use TecDoc.

A Hastings oil rings are manufactured to fit the OEM requirements, meaning if the original ring set had lower tension the Hastings set will also have lower tension. With performance ring sets and motors the tension is listed in theperformance catalog.

If the ring set was selected based on the year, make and engine model, the correct rings will be in the set if shallow oil rings are needed for that engine.