Cleaning Engines Before Disassembly

During the service life of an engine it naturally accumulates sludge, gum and abrasives. An efficient overhaul requires that these deposits be removed. It is difficult to thoroughly clean the interior of an engine after it is disassembled unless it is removed from the frame and put into a cleaning vat. This is expensive, time consuming and often inconvenient.

A good cleaning job can be done by using the following procedure before disassembly:

  • Drain oil out of crankcase.
  • If equipped with oil filter, remove cartridge and replace top of filter. If engine has “throw-away” type filter, install new filter. DO NOT USE OLD FILTER.
  • Replace oil pan drain plug.
  • Pour into crankcase 2 quarts SAE 20 oil and 2 quarts Casite Tune-Up.
  • Start engine and let idle, for 30 minutes at 600 to 800 RPM. Drain oil-Casite mixture and clean out oil filter. If equipped with “throw-away” filter, remove filter.
  • Proceed with normal overhaul.
  • Install new oil filter cartridge.

After the engine has been overhauled, the oil and oil filter cartridge should be changed at about 500 miles to remove any other sludge and abrasives in the engine.

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