Types of Piston Rings

At Hastings Manufacturing, we know piston rings, and want to pass that knowledge on to you. In this video we’re going to cover ring types that we manufacture here in Hastings, Michigan.

  • Torsional—this compression ring has an ID bevel, causes twisting action, and aids in sealing.
  • Barrel Face has a curved face (OD) of a ring that makes contact with the cylinder wall. It also aids in sealing.
  • Napier has a hook-shaped design on the lower face of second compression rings. It aids in oil control.
  • Reverse Torsional Taper-Faced has a downward twist to enhance scrapping properties and side seating.
  • Slotted Cast Iron Oil Control Ring are used mostly in compressors and agr engines. It’s function is to control oil.
  • Keystone rings are side angle rings used in diesel engines to maintain clean grooves in diesel environment. The axial width is thinner on ID than OD
  • Our Wiper style ring has a notched face on the lower OD of ring for scraping of oil along cylinder wall
  • Chrome Conformatic oil rings are typically used in diesel applications with a lot of stress and heat. They give longevity in diesel engines.
  • Flex-Vent Oil Control rings are a 3pc style expander and rails, used in automotive for maximum oil control and excellent drain back.

Thanks for watching. We hope this video was helpful. Be sure to watch our other Tough Guy Tech Tip videos to learn more.

Tough Guy Tech Tips: Piston Rings

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